Day One   Nov. 1st

Morning   Section I   Blockchain Regulation and Compliance

0855      Opening Remarks from the Organizer

0900      Embrace Regulation, Create a New Order of Equality and Mutual Benefit

 Blockchain Lab of Ministry of Industry and Information, Managing Director, Li Ming

0900      Analysis on Policy Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Government

              Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee

0940      How Does Blockchain Change Currency and Business Model

           Keynote Speech

1000      Digital Asset Pain Points and Upgrade   

              Australia Digital Commercial Association, CEO, Nicholas Giurietto

1020      Tea Break/Booth

1040  Leading Blockchain Innovation, Promoting Blockchain Industrialization

        Keynote Speech

1100       Blockchain Integration and Financial Innovation

       Executive Chairman, Quantum Banq & Exchange, Manie Eagar

1120  Keynote Speech

               Singapore Fintech Association, Executive Committee, Daphne Ng

1140  Panel Discussion 

               Global Blockchain Regulation Framework Analysis

               Digital Asset Trade Compliance and Legal Risk

               Monetary Authority of Singapore

               China Blockchain Research Center, President, Kevin Guo

1220       Luncheon/ Networking

01 Nov

Afternoon  Section II  Digital Asset Trade and Exchange

1400     Keynote Speech

                 Bittrex, CEO & Founder, Bill Shihara   

1420         How will Exchanges Operate Safely and Intelligently in the future

          Binance, Co-founder, He Yi    

1440         Trading is Mining?

                 Fcoin, CEO, Zhang Jian

1500         How to Build a Safe and Compliant Digital Asset Trading Platform?

                 Keynote Speech

1520        Tea Break/Booth

1540          Capital Market Help to Build Digital Assets Trading Platform

 , Co-founder, David Lee

1600  Building the Internet of Value through Exchanges, Applications and Protocols

                  Keynote Speech

1620          Construct New Security System for Digital Assets

                  Bitflyer , CEO, Yuzo Kano   

1640          Panel Discussion

                  How will Next-generation Exchange Model Evolve?

                  Exchange Model Innovation and Exploration

                  Coinbase; 0x Project

                  Fcoin, CEO, Zhang Jian

                  Pillipines Digital Assets Exchange, CSO, Yang Yang Zhang

1720         Ending       

1900         Banquet/Networking

Morning    Section III   Public Chain Evolution and Infrastructure  

0900    Blockchain Leap-forward Development: From Cross-chain to Cross-ecology

        NEO, Co-founder, Da Hongfei

0920    Keynote Speech

        Lisk, Co-founder,Max Kordek

0940    Global Blockchain Solution in Payment Industry

               Ripple, CEO, Brad Garlinghouse   

1000    Will DPOS Be the Only Way to Extend Blockchain?

               EOS, CEO, Brendan Blumer

1020     Tea Break/Booth


1040  Discussion on Bitcoin Block Volume Expansion


1100    Keynote Speech

             Stellar, Head of Asia Business, Ella Qiang

1120    Wallet Development and Digital Assets Exchange

               Keynote Speech

1140    Panel Discussion    

               How will Digital Currency Evolve in the Future?

               Discussion on Technical Difficulties of Blockchain Infrastructure Construct

              Karken CEO, Jesse Powell ; Bitfury

               Mining Machine Manufacturer, Wallet Supplier

1220    Luncheon/Networking

02 Nov

02 Nov

Afternoon  Section IV  Venture Capital and Application

1400  Blockchain Supply Chain: Globalization 2.0

        Tencent Blockchain Department, General Manager, Cai Yige

1420    How to View Global Blockchain Investment Environment

          Draper Dragon Foundation, Managing Director, Andrew Tang

1440       Blockchain + Internet of  Things

          IOTA , CEO, David Sonstebo

1500    Value Investment, Token Economy Reshape New Capital Ecology

          Keynote Speech

1520  Tea Break/Booth


1540        Blockchain + AI New Type

                Keynote Speech

1600      Is There Any Chance for Equity Investment in Blockchain Industry?


1620        Blockchain Innovative Application in Insurance

                Keynote Speech

1640        Panel Discussion

                How to Select Quality Project?

                 New Analysis on Blockchain Investment

                Technical Difficulties and Future Layout of Project Landing

              Pantera Capital, Partner, Paul Brodsky

                 OK Blockchain Capital, Partner, Yu Jun

1720    Ending

01 Nov

01 Nov

01 Nov

Strategic Cooperation Media
Strategic Cooperation Media
Cooperative Media

This summit will discuss topics include global blockchain regulation policy, application landing, AI + blockchain, the future development trend etc. Summit Organizer Committee will invite global famous economists, professors, financiers, lawyers, investors, fund, technical geeks, exchanges, public chains, media and token fans to co-me Shenzhen, together sharing and exchanging opinions on how to promote global blockchain development and establish a healthy blockchain ecology.

As the first innovative city in China,  relying on strong manufacturing capabili-ties and the pioneering role of numerous industry leaders, in blockchain ecolo-gy Shenzhen will consistently keep the strong competitiveness and rank the top-level in blockchain + hardware applications. Moreover, in April 22nd,2018 , the first Shenzhen Blockchain Venture Capital Foundation was officially laun-ched, which was also the first blockchain-oriented foundation strategically in-vested by angel mother fund in Shenzhen. The initial fund is 500 million RM-B, of which Shenzhen angel investment makes up 40%.

The largest mining machine distribution center

Shenzhen has the most complete mining machine production system and the largest mining machine distribution network. Shenzhen Huaqiangbei is also the largest mining machine sales distribution center in China and even in the world.

The number of blockchain patents rank the second in China

According to China Blockchain Industry Development White Paper, in China, the number of blockchain patents rank the second place , only after Beijing.

Blockchain startups rank 3rd in China.

According to the 2018 China Blockchain Industry Development Whitepaper, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou are still the four cities with the highest entrepreneurial activity in blockchain industry. Altogether startups in these four cities account for 78% of companies in the whole blockchain industry.

BlockLinker is dedicated to link blockchainer’s world and jointly promote the healthy development of blockchain ecology. BlockLinker includes summit, exhibition, roadshow and community. We start the 1st Blocklinker Summit in Shenzhen, take “Block Energy, Chain Regeneration”  as the theme. It mainly consists of summit and exhibition, together with all attendees to discussion about blockchain related topics like application in game, finance, AI, IoT and security etc, which aims to promoting in-depth cooperation across borders and industries in blockchain.

The first blockchain-oriented foundation with the initial fund 500 million RMB

In April 22nd,2018 , the first Shenzhen Blockchain Venture Capital Foundation was officially launched, which was also the first blockchain-oriented foundation strategically invested by angel mother fund in Shenzhen. The initial fund is 500 million, of which Shenzhen angel investment makes up 40%.

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For more conference information and sponsorship, please contact:Address:            No. 48, Weihai Road, Huangpu District, ShanghaiMedia cooperation and institutional cooperation:            Marry (+8618190020926 and WeChat)Sponsorship and investment cooperation:            Vincent (+86 15800547671 and WeChat)Email:

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